IMPACT: look around

Simple. No plan. Not a big act. Just an everyday occurence. But still – still an impact. Still a smile. Still something good.

Yesterday I went outside to get the mail. Saw our neighbors dog walking down the street. ‘Captured’ it. More like bent down and said, “hi sweet girl”, and put my hand out. The dog came right up to me. It is a friendly dog. Scooped it up and headed across the street.

Knocked on the door – the lady that lives there was so happy. She loves that dog. It is a sweet little dog. She held it lovingly, petting it, and hugging it as we chatted for about 15 minutes. I hadn’t talked to her much. Our relationship was more of a wave and nod in the front yard. But this was good. We talked and it was nice. And she had her dog back.

See nothing big. I said when I started Project3SixtyFive that somedays my attempts to INSPIRE, IGNITE, IMPACT, and IMAGINE change would be feeble and insignificant…but that’s ok. The goal is to do something. Do anything that helps, anything that is good. So do something. Put yourself out there. Take a look around. Little acts are all around you. Just look.


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