INSPIRE – shelter, food, clothing

Recently I attended a presentation.  Two women from local non-profit organizations spoke.  The economy is bad.  Needs are way up.  Donations are way down.  Times are tough.  There are so many to serve, yet not enough to go around.

If you are in a position to give – then you should.  So many are in need right now.  So many who were in your shoes just a few short months ago.  So many who once had a good job, who once were able to provide for their families.  Hard times come and they come fast.

  • Gather the family together – have each person look through their toys/closets and gather up 10-20 items to donate to a local shelter or other non-profit organization
  • Call your local shelter and sign up for a night to help cook and serve dinner (you probably have no idea of all that must go on each and every single day in order to feed those living/passing through)
  • Monetary donations are important too – just make sure to do your homework and give to a cause that uses a high percentage of the funds towards the actual programs — they should be able to give you the % before you make a donationdonate

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