Impact – Inspire – Imagine – Ignite

For the past few years, I have made a New Years Resolution to impact the life {for the better} of someone I do not know each and every day.  Each year I have started off well – even lasted until April one year before breaking the resolution.  I need accountability.  I want to inspire others to do the same.  Project3sixtyfive was born this year to accomplish this.  So join me each day of this year – Impacting, Inspiring, Imagining, and Igniting good. 

I will post daily about something that I have done to Impact, Ignite, or Inspire good.  I ask you to contribute your own stories weekly (I imagine a world of good – help what I imagine turn into a reality).  Thanks & Good Luck!

IMPACT – to have a direct effect, to impringe or make contact

INSPIRE – to influence, move or guide, to spread

IMAGINE – to form a mental image of, believe

IGNITE – to cause, to set in motion


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